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“When you see the twinkle in the eyes of another you have sparked a love link.” ~Debee & the Divine

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About the Blessing

Our Mission

Our Mission

“Our mission is to raise the vibration of the planet by re-connecting us to each other through our high heart and as a result ~ enlightenment ~ remembering the Divine in all things.”

Divine Creation

Divine Creation

The Divine created this particular High Vibrational Blessing© to be clear and concise, easy to give and receive, and potentially life changing. Join us in a 2-day weekend workshop and get attuned to the High Vibrational Blessing©.

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Pay it forward

Pay It Forward

“Plant the seeds of love in the fertile garden of the heart of another and then they another… as these gardens of love grow in abundance, then and there we can raise the vibration of this beautiful planet!”

About Us

Channeled Blessing

Channeled Blessing

This  High Vibrational Blessing©  was channeled by Debee Boulanger from Divine Source at 3:00 pm on March 8, 2018, after a brief illness. The Divine's message filtered in loud and clear: "People just need more love and light in their hearts. The heart is like a vessel and it longs to be open and full. Think of a lotus flower... People have forgotten who they are - beautiful beings. We have created this particular High Vibrational Blessing©  to be clear and concise, easy to give and receive, and potentially life changing."

Debee's Bio

Debee's Bio

Debee Boulanger, LMT is the owner and director of the Abundant Wellness Center in Chicopee, MA. Throughout her life she has had a craving for authentic spirituality which lead her down many paths. During her journey of becoming a 'steward of the earth' she became a Druid in 2013. The experience was profound and enlightening, which brought a new depth to her life practice. In 2017, she started studying Peruvian Shamanism. Debee believes that this is how our ancestors lived in harmony with the land and we need to return to that way of living to survive... out of the head and into the heart. In 2018, she has been guided to share  the  High Vibrational Blessing© with others.

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Our Quotes

Our Quotes

 "Upon discovering your amazing life purpose you’ll instantly realize that unique gift was sent to you special delivery from the Divine. Give thanks!” ~Debee & the Divine


“The more often you practice feeding your heart love – the more proficient it becomes in unconditional love.” ~Debee & the Divine


“Know you are loved no matter what you have done in life that appears in contrast – forgive yourself first and then open your heart to receive this Divine blessing.” ~Debee & the Divine




2-Day Workshops

2-Day Workshops

> Learn how to identify what might be encapsulating or imprisoning your heart

> Discover ways to eliminate these bonds

> Raise your vibration ~ Get attuned to the High Vibrational Divine Blessing™

> Experience receiving & giving Divine High Vibrational Blessings™ 

> Receive a personal Divine Message and more


“Together - Our mission is to raise the vibration of the planet by re-connecting us to each other through our high heart and as a result ~ enlightenment ~ remembering the Divine in all things.” ~ Debee & the Divine

Workshop Dates

Workshop Dates

2019 DATES for 2-day High Vibrational Blessing™ Workshop


Are you feeling like there’s something missing even though your life is full of things to do? 

Do you feel unfulfilled, under motivated or meaninglessly lost?

We understand those feelings!


That’s why we created this delightful 2-day heartwarming workshop.

This workshop is for people who are longing for more peace, love, spirit and joyful connections in their life.

* Saturday, March 9th & Sunday, March 10th

From: 10AM – 5PM  

Pre-registration required. 

Contact us (413) 592-2828

Workshop Locations

Workshop Locations  Abundant Wellness Center

The Abundant Wellness Center

94 Chicopee Street, Route 116

Chicopee, MA 01013

(413) 592-2828


More Details:

 Cost: $383 ~ *Pre-pay up to 8 days before only $333 (save $50) 

*Note: Please bring a lunch. We will reschedule any snow days. (*No refunds for pre-payment only credit towards another workshop) Limited scholarships available –inquire about eligibility. We accept donations towards scholarships.

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Questions Answered

In The Beginning

In The Beginning

1) When and where did this Blessing come from? It was channeled from Divine Source “The Divine” by Debee Boulanger on March 8, 2018 around 3pm. 

2) What was the original message you received? The Divine’s message filtered in loud and clear – “People just need more love and light in their hearts. People need more hope to raise their vibration to allow the High Vibrational Blessing of love & light to fill their hearts. The heart is like a vessel and it longs to be open and full. Think of the lotus flower seeded in mud however when it blossoms it is so incredibly beautiful – that is the heart. People have forgotten who they are – beautiful beings. You, Debee, have the courage & tenacity to share this gift with the world. We have created this particular Blessing to be clear and concise – easy to give and receive – potentially life changing  and we are gifting it to you to share with others .” High Vibrational Blessing – “sharing the Divine Blessing of love & light from my heart to your heart.”©

3) Why did you receive this particular message? For years, the Divine knew I have been concerned about nature, the environment, indigenous peoples, children, and the overall sad state many people are in, along with the dense energy of greed, despair, hate, anger and separation of souls, as well as the callousing of the hearts of so many peoples. I couldn’t watch, read, or listen to the news but I knew what was happening. I see the effects of how this destructive energy spoils joy. To me it feels extremely sad, heavy and burdening. And I stayed up late many of nights praying for an answer and asking; “How can I comfort someone suffering across the globe?” “What can I do to protect the environment from abuse?” “Those that don’t have a voice – how can I support them?” “What would it take to empower others?” “What can little ol’ me do to benefit life in a positive way?” “Simply, how can I be of service?” These were frequent questions that kept me up later & later countless nights. I’d ask them in prayer often – day & night. In my heart, I believed that hope, faith and joy are attainable – so I never gave up asking. 

4) Why did They choose you above another? I honestly don’t know but I suspect that the Divine answered my prayers - finally. Crazy as this may sound, since I was a child (50+ years ago), I have been asking for visitations from Holy Beings like Angels, Mother Mary and Jesus to come to me. Although I never experienced any miraculous encounters as a child I still felt ‘connected’. As an adult, I have seen and felt Jesus a few times in altered dream states. On several occasions, Jesus helped me with some hardships when I surrendered in prayer asking for His help. I was brought up practicing the catholic religion but I became a catholic rebel in my teens for a variety of reasons. Still my most favorite teaching is The Golden Rule, "Do unto others what you want them to do unto you."  And I must certainly acknowledge Mother Teresa’s notable work with those who were in dire need. Just thinking about the unconditional love she displayed – Mother Teresa was an amazing role model for humanity. I do believe in the betterment of humankind – it’s really about love and remembering the soul seed starlight where we all came from. 

Energetic Exchange

Energetic Exchange

5) Why are you charging money for this Blessing? My first reaction was to give it away for free. However the Divine immediately said; “No – this Blessing has great value so there needs to be an energetic exchange for it with you and whomever you’re attuning this Blessing. Those receiving this High Vibrational Blessing with Attunement* have the ability to share this freely as in ‘pay it forward’ but they must not charge for it. You, Debee are the one the Divine has chosen to express the sacred rites for this High Vibrational Blessing & Attunement that will enlighten others and fill their hearts with a golden light – the holy energy of love. The more people who have been attuned who freely share this Blessing the higher their vibration will become.” And my reaction to the Divine is ‘WOW, I am full of grace!’ *It has now evolved into a 2-day workshop.

6) Where will the monies go? The monies will eventually go towards global travel to share this beautiful Blessing where needed anywhere in the world, as well as financially supporting some of my favorite charities.

7) What if someone can’t pay for the High Vibrational Blessing workshop? There is a scholarship fund available for those eligible. We also accept donations towards this scholarship fund.  

8) What if someone wants to donate more than the suggested workshop amount? That is perfectly acceptable and appreciated as it will certainly support getting this Blessing/ Attunement out to numerous peoples globally. It’s a perfect way for someone to significantly aid the planet on an energetic and spiritual scale. Divine gracious giving always reciprocates the source of generosity tenfold.

9) Can this Blessing be shared with children, babies, or pets? Absolutely – it will strengthen the bond between you and possible stop what might be perceived as bad behavior and that’s because you’ve raised your vibration. You’ll need to adjust the protocol delivery.

10) Can someone purchase the High Vibrational Blessing for others as gifts? Yes – and there’s no limit! 

11) Is anyone turned away from this High Vibrational Blessing? No – In fact, prisons are on the ‘go to’ list. 

12) What if someone else takes your mission and starts charging monies for this Blessing? Without doubt this could happen but I’m not worried about it. There certainly would be some goodness shared from this exchange however the vibration will not be as high a frequency because it did not come directly to them from the Divine. There are 3 attunements – 1st from me delivering a personal High Vibrational Blessing & Attunement; 2nd those that received the Blessing from me & pay it forward; 3rd the High Vibrational Blessing & Attunement directly from the Divine to others which is not available at this time. I did ask the Divine if I could teach others to do this particular High Vibrational Blessing with the Attunement that I do for others and the message was; “Not at this time. You do the work.” 

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13) What religion is this Blessing derived from? There is no religion associated with this High Vibrational Blessing. The Divine is only connected to the vibration of Universal and Unconditional Love. And any language barrier will not interfere with the Blessing. 

14)  What is your spiritual background? Besides being seeded in Catholicism, I’m a minister ordained by the Universal Life Church, a practicing Druid from the GMDO in Vermont, studied Wicca, Faery Seership and Peruvian Shamanism. 

15) What is an attunement? It’s a harmonious awareness and frequency to a specific Divine energy. This connection of life energy as an attunement is often shared between two people, promoting health and wellbeing as a source of wisdom, light, and love which is within all people. Attunement energy work is definitely Divinely guided usually with different forms of attunement vibrations and always with specific instructions.

16) Is it Reiki? No – this High Vibrational Blessing will enhance reiki or any energy attunements for that matter & without using symbols.

17) What can I expect from this High Vibrational Blessing and Attunement? There is no unusual change in the 3rd dimension other than possibly feeling one or more of these sensations – heartfelt joy, lighter, tingling, buzzing, warmth, vitality, relaxed, clearer vision, hungry, thirsty, pain relief, peace, or even a miracle. Detoxing can also happen with increased urination or sudden shedding of tears. After the Blessing, it’s recommended to relax, drink lots of water, surround yourself with a positive vibe, and go to your favorite happy place. This Blessed experience can be compared to the benefits of meditation – however it has not been measured scientifically.

18) Does it last? Yes – however if you do not share it for any length of time you might want an attunement tune-up. 

19)  Can you receive the High Vibrational Blessing more than once? Yes, anyone can receive it as many times as they feel the need to raise their vibration. When someone freely shares it with others it will continue to raise their vibration. However under stress they might want to take time to re-charge with another High Vibrational Blessing attunement with Debee. 

20) How long does this High Vibrational Blessing take to do? Not long – usually less than a few minutes however it depends on what is needed energetically at the time so it could be several minutes.

21) How does one receive their ‘personal’ High Vibrational Blessing? Currently, Debee Boulanger will be offering High Vibrational Blessing Workshops at the Abundant Wellness Center located at 94 Chicopee Street in Chicopee, MA. Call (413)592-2828 

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